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FLAT - Extreme Guard Topcoat 

It is a water resistant, low VOC, extremely durable varnish that also doubles as a clear bonding primer. Paint Couture Extreme Guard Topcoat includes built-in UV protection. This unique formulation is designed for outdoor use; however, it may be used indoors as well. Extreme Guard also contains built-in mold and mildew resistant properties and is designed for furniture, cabinets, outdoor use, and other high traffic surfaces. Extreme Guard is water resistant and does not yellow over white paint.

Paint Couture Extreme Guard Topcoats comes in four amazing sheens of Flat, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss. When extreme protection matters, use our renowned Extreme Guard Topcoats to protect your cabinetry, furniture, and craft projects. 



Item Number: 9829-327

Item ID: 92851

Category: Topcoat


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