Trading Places is committed to giving buyers the best possible price for quality items, while at the same time ensuring that our consignors receive the highest fair market value. Based on our extensive research, experience and historical pricing database, our inventory is priced contingent on brand, style and condition and to be an excellent value compared to buying new.

In order to keep our inventory fresh and to sell items within the 120 day consignment period, we will progressively reduce our prices over time. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which price you are willing to pay. That’s right, we don’t accept offers, negotiate and haggle over prices, rather our tags fully disclose the dates of the future markdowns.

Here’s how it works:
Each price tag shows the starting price on the bottom of the tag. A comparable retail price will also be stated if known.
The brand will be referenced in the top left corner.
The price is reduced by 10% every 20 days.
Each tag clearly shows the dates that the future markdowns will occur.
When the last date on the tag is reached, the item will stay at this price throughout the remainder of the consignment period.
Some items will not show a markdown because they are brand new.
Price reductions occur every day throughout the store. Items are priced to sell within 30 days, and many items sell during the first week.

Decisions, Decisions…
Should I buy it now? What if someone else buys it first? Maybe, I will just wait…

Most likely you won’t be the only person who’s watching a particular item!

“The item you saw today
And want to think about tonight
Will be sold later today
To the people that saw it yesterday
And thought about it last Night!”
– From Experience!


Shop often! Inventory arrives daily and is constantly changing.
Know your brands! Make sure you know what you are truly saving.
Read the tags carefully to know the current price. Be prepared to ‘buy now’ or take a chance by waiting for a price drop. Buy Now or Cry Later!
All Sales are Final. Please measure and inspect your item carefully before making your purchase.
Monitor the New Arrivals section on a regular basis in our online showroom.
Visit our Clearance Corner (in-store) for outstanding deals. Shop our Clearance category online.
Create a web shopping account. This allows you to create a personal online Wish List, be notified of price reductions on items and create favorite searches.
Protect your purchase. Delivery services are available by a licensed, bonded, and insured moving service.
Join the mailing list and get the inside scoop on special sales, promotions, and new arrivals.

Visit our frequently asked questions for more information on our How to Shop our store.