Are you downsizing, relocating or redecorating? Do you have wonderful items in your home that you no longer utilize or don’t fit in your home’s current design scheme? Have you been holding on to furniture and home decor because it is just “too good” to give away? If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, then consignment is the answer for you!

Trading Places is the perfect place to showcase your items for others to purchase and enjoy. We will stage, advertise and market your furniture and home decor and act as your personal sales team. Our high traffic location, exciting showroom, website and online presence will give maximum visibility to a large number of buyers and ensure a quick and profitable sale of your goods.


Sell your items in 5 simple steps.



Submit a “Consignment Request Form” and describe the items that you would like to sell. Please include an accurate description of the items, specifically the condition of the product. Include photos of each item. Multiple views preferred. Direct requests emailed to consign@TradingPlacesOH.com will also be reviewed.

* If necessary, bring photos into the store on a digital camera or hard copies. Please call in advance to ensure that the proper personnel is available to review the request.

** An in-home visit may be appropriate but is contingent on the following criteria:

a. Pre-disclosure of condition, style and age of the furniture

b. Minimum of 12 pieces of furniture or over 3 rooms full of furniture.

c. Subject to Owner discretion and approval and is not guaranteed. Charges may apply.